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Solve your IP dilemma
Increase your patent applications
while maintaining top tier quality

The Novaneo Solution

Increase your invention flow
while optimizing your patent positioning



  • detect potential patentable inventions
  • launch «inventor to inventor» discussions aiming to generate creative bounces and more ideas
  • make the «big picture» emerge from your new concepts


  • by a creative confrontation to existing patents
  • by adding all required data and schemes for patent redaction
  • by writing a complete invention blueprint on a strong IP position


  • with patentability and technical relevance scores
  • by maturing your invention at your pace
  • by controlling your budget at each step, thanks to fixed costs
Discover our method

Why Novaneo ?


By creating inventor to inventor discussions, IP formalities become creative and engaging exchanges. More inventions detected and avoided traps thanks to our methodology.


Our solution and our company are independant of IP counsels. Our mission is to provide you the best information to pilot your inventions portfolio, whatever your decisions : patent, divulgation, secret.


Our method has been developed over the years with all-sized companies, allowing the redaction of the market’s most complete invention blueprint.

How to make the best of your invention portfolio ?

Give the best material to your Patent writer

Invention context
Required technical & legal information
Invention context
Prior art search by our partner Novagraaf and IP positionning advice
plan de dossier plan de dossier
Prior art search by our partner Novagraaf and IP positionning advice
Strategic axis and corresponding detailed technical solution (schemes, data, concept)
Required technical & legal information
Strategic axis and corresponding detailed technical solution (schemes, data, concept)

Get the market's most complete invention blueprints. A 30% decrease in patent application writing observed based on our solution.

A tool to rule them all


Our securised platform gathers, historicizes and makes accesible your inventions maturation process to your credited actors. la plateforme


Each of the 3 steps method has a fixed cost.
Progress at your pace, one step after the other.
la plateforme controle les couts


An unexpected event? Pause your invention's development case by case or on the contrary accelerate your priority missions. la plateforme maitrise le temps

Who are we ?

Born of the encounter of two players of Innovation,
Novaneo is an independent company

Neo Factory

Company specialized for more than a decade in the operational support of innovative project leaders :
150+ inventions captured, 25 patent filings, 20 prototypes, 15 industrializations


Industrial Property Attorney whose expertise and reputation have been known to all for decades. Novagraaf covers all the Intellectual Property needs of companies on all continents.

By noticing several years ago that there were shortcomings in the invention files submitted to patent drafting, NEO FACTORY and NOVAGRAAF have created a new method making it possible to optimize everyone’s time, at a lower cost. In doing so the IPA could devote all of his time to creating the best protection for his clients’ inventions.

Today, the «Innovation Capture» allows controlled and creative maturation of inventions while optimizing their IP positioning. It also optimizes the time devoted by the Patent Attorney to the drafting of patent applications by providing it with the most complete invention blueprint, draft up at a “classic” engineer cost.

The method then improved over the years to finally become a new service « Innovation Capture », enhanced by a tool accessible to all innovation’s actors, Novaneo.

In order to make this solution available to everyone, Novaneo was created with shareholders independent of any IP Counsel : economic interests are aligned in the direction of creating value that is most favorable to the companies we help.